Fazenda Abaeté


American writer David Wolfe in his book “Superfoods. The Food and Medicine of the Future” mentions 10 superfoods. Four of them can be found and or cultivated on this land, being: coconuts, bee products (honey, pollen, propolis), cocoa, aloe vera.

Name: Fazenda Abaeté
Location: Retiro – Ilheus, Bahia
Price: US$ 255.000    directly from the owner
Spoken languages: Portuguese, English, German, Italian, Spanish and French
Details: Please see map and pictures
Contact: Mr Andrea +55 (73) 999436662
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Map - Fazenda Abaeté
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About the area

Strategical location: close to the beach, to Ilheus, to Itacaré, to the airport.

Itacaré is a charming very popular tourist resort with a number of VIP having bought their holiday residence here. The small town has all the amenities, a good selection of hotels and restaurants and a glamorous nightlife.


The connecting road to ABAETÈ runs parallel to a mixing strip of native vegetation, sandy beaches, river (Rio Almada) and streams. This 157000 square meters property is located in the Atlantic Rain Forest, 18 km north of Ilheus, on a hill, partly plain in idillic contryside with magnificent Ocean view.

There are no constructions on the property expect the small caretaker’s house. It has a stream, luxuriant vegetation and all sort of natural beauties.

With ABAETE` you have several excellent investment options:

  • build your house, live the dream of a rural life style and enjoy the Ocean view, relax, breathe clean air, pick the coconuts off the palm trees, pick spice cloves, bananas and more
  • develop a cultivation on a larger scale of aloe vera, cocoa, coconuts
  • become a farmer or/and a beekeeper
  • just a sheer investment profiting from the attractive new trend of Brazilian economy
  • create a tourist resort
  • subdivide into several plots and sell them individually with or without a building project
Abaeté - Location Map

Why land on the hill

Major foreign investments in the form of resort, new vacation homes and condominiums have taken place along the coast. New plots are running out, prices have dramatically increased and investors start looking and buying on the hills with sea view. It is a sort of déjà vu in France, years ago, at the Côte d’Azur.


With its 220’000 inhabitants Ilhéus is a major city located in the southern coastal region of Bahia.
Once one of the biggest exporters of cocoa beans Ilhéus is no longer depending on this commerce. In fact tourists are discovering the beautiful beaches of the area causing a big change in the local economy.

How to reach Ilhèus

  • By air: regular flights from Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Salvador
  • By road: BR101 via Itabuna
  • By sea: Port of Ilhèus
Abaeté Panorama

The climate

Located at 14° to the south of the Equator, is the south of Bahia, region known as a Cocoa Coast, Ilhèus enjoys tropical climate, with an average temperature of 27°C (80°F). It has sunny and pleasant weather all year round.
Even in the hottest summer days from December to February, when temperatures reach 38°C (100°F), a tropical and refreshing breeze constantly blows from the sea., soothing the skin.

The culture

The Bahia culture is one of the richest and most varied in Brazil. Besides preserving religious and architectonic places, the state is the birthplace of the expression of typical popular culture. People are friendly and willing to introduce the visitor into the Bahian way of life. Colour, atmosphere, humor of the Bahian life are masterly described by Jorge Amado, world-famous writer born in Ilhèus, in his novels.

The past difficulties to access the region helped to preserve unspoiled landscapes, beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. You see impressive trees, can teste fruits that you find only here.

For the most authentic Bahian culinary adventures, look no further than the food stalls lining every street. Here, you’ll find Bahian women rolling out their entire kitchens to serve up superbly fresh eats. Entrenched in the culinary heritage of Africa and Brazil, prepared with passion and oozing with flavor, Bahian cuisine personifies this vibrant culture.


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